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Emma worried because Henry was growing up, but Hook said he would give him a message in a bottle to use in the event of an emergency. 

In another realm, Henry used it before being kidnapped by Lady Tremaine. Hook and Regina showed up to save him, but Hook said to Regina that Emma did not want to come. Regina said Hook should be telling Henry the truth. 

Hook goes off to find the other Hook and they bicker over Emma's love. The other Hook poses as a drunk and knocks the real Hook out. He then goes to Lady Tremaine who makes him look like the original Hook. 

In Hyperion Heights, Henry got Jacinda a catering gig at Lucy's ballet recital when Victoria makes tickets $550. Victoria tries to get Henry removed. 

Back in another realm Emma appears and reveals to Henry that she's pregnant. When Faux Killian learns of the pregnancy, he returns to tell Hook he was going to steal his place. 

They fight, and Faux Killian reveals that he had a daughter and they are apart and that's why he would never take Hook's place. He is hurt, but Emma manages to save him. 

At the ballet event, Victoria tries to find a way to get Henry arrested, so she told Weaver to plant her bracelet on him, but Rogers did not do it. 

Faux Hook and Regina decided to stay with Henry and their alter egos rallied in the present to take down Victoria.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Hook: He's growing into a fine young lad, and he's lucky to have a mother like you.
Emma: He's lucky to have a pirate like you.

Henry: Always watch the blade. I got it.
Emma: Wow. I'm impressed. You fight like your grandfather.