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Henry departs Storybrooke in favor of finding his own story after his family all get happy endings. 

In the future, he is miserable and finds a young girl named Lucy on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter and saying he needs to go to Hyperion Heights to save everyone. 

Henry takes her home and bumps into her mother, but is shocked at her beauty. 

In the past, we see them meeting. She is Cinderella. She steals Henry's bike and goes to the ball to kill the Prince, but Lady Tremaine ultimately kills him and pins it on Cinderella. 

Back in Hyperion Heights, Jacinda is mad because her daughter disappeared and has stolen Henry's computer. 

He gets his computer back, and Victoria reveals she is taking Lucy back off of Jacinda. 

Jacinda tries to run off, but Henry tells Victoria about the whole thing. 

Rogers helps find the kid and Henry's car and gets a promotion and he gets to work the main detective who is none other than Rumple. 

Henry decides to try and find out what is going on when a cemetery goes missing. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Henry: Excuse me, is this Roni's?
Roni: I sure hope so, or else I put the wrong sign out front. I'm Roni, what can I get ya?

Regina: Henry, are you sure about this? I was hoping after high school you would think about college.
Henry: I know, but college isn't going anywhere. I just, I need to do this. Operation Cobra is over, we did it. We have our happy endings.
Regina: So, then why leave?
Henry: Because I'm still the author. I've been writing everyone else's stories. I need to figure out what my story is. It's not here, not in this realm.