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In the other realm, Drizella tried to cast a curse, but Regina and Henry and Zelena tried to stop her in her tracks. The witches managed to turn her to stone, but Gothel brought her back to life on Lucy's 8th birthday to cast the curse. 

Regina was forced to cast it when it emerged that Henry was poisoned and could only survive in a land without magic. Regina followed through with the plan. 

Meanwhile, in the present, Regina located Zelena but she was cursed as a spin class teacher, and Regina managed to bring Zelena back. 

Zelena said she would help her, but she was sad about leaving her fake fiance behind. When they returned to Storybrooke, Lucy was in a bad way and Gothel had gotten Anastasia to steal Drizella's powers. 

Drizella was sent into a ditch with her mother. 

Robin was revealed to be in a relationship with Alice aka Tilly, and the two hugged it out as the curse approached. 

Rumple helped solve the case of the magic and got hold of his dark sword, but there was no confirmation whether it was too late for him. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Drizella: You betrayed me?
Gothel: Well, you should have listened to your mother then.

Victoria: Don't even look at me.
Drizella: No! No!