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Roni and Henry debated some more about the photo and Roni decided to play along with it. She revealed to Henry that she tried to adopt several years before but found herself being declined. 

Roni asked Weaver to check if Regina adopted Henry, and he said it would be done for a price. Roni says she would owe him a favor. Drizella then drugged her with magic after learning the truth. 

The real Regina came out, and Drizella said that she needed her to break up true love or everyone closest to her will die. 

In the past, it was revealed that Regina was helping coach Drizella become the person she wanted to be after the magic was not working on her. 

Rumple arrived and Regina heard the story about Belle's death and she was shocked about how fast time traveled in another realm. 

Henry tried to win back Jacinda, and he succeeded with a mixtape from the 1980s. 

Rogers turned to Tilly for help and she told him to look at all the clues he already had because he likely had the truth already. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Henry: Hey, well you will be happy to know, that things with Jacinda went pretty well.
Regina: Guess we'll just have to see where that goes, won't we?

Regina: You know, uh, I was thinking maybe it would help if she knew a little more about you. You know, like, who your mother is.
Henry: I haven't told her this because I did not want to add fuel to the fire, but I was born in prison, just like my character. Except I was never adopted, I grew up in the system.
Regina: Like Emma did.