Group Therapy - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 3
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Penelope tells her group therapy about Alex walking in on her masturbating.
She had alone time on Friday night, when Lydia, Alex, and Elena were supposed to be at the movies. 
However, Alex came back looking for his phone, and ended up walking in on Penelope. 
At group therapy, Penelope says she feels like she has to talk about what happened with Alex. 
Once Penelope comes back from group therapy, she tries to talk to Alex about it, but he's pushing her away. He really doesn't want to talk about what happened. 
Lydia pops in from behind the curtain, disagreeing with Penelope saying masturbation is normal and healthy. When she realizes that it was Penelope who masturbated and not Alex, she freaks out.
Elena joins in on the conversation, and she's very excited to. Alex still wants out. 
Eventually, Alex suggests that the family needs boundaries, but Penelope and Lydia laugh off the idea.
Then Lydia goes on a secret date, but it isn't for herself -- she created a Tinder account pretending to be Penelope, so Penelope can find a boyfriend. She wants to interview the matches first. 
When Lydia comes home, Penelope finds out and she's enraged. Now she wants boundaries set in place, but only between her and Lydia, not her and Alex.
Schneider walks in, and observes their conversation.
The next morning, Lydia pretends that she had a long, active night with Leslie, even though she doesn't say anything. Penelope, Alex, and Elena ignore Lydia's act.
After work, Penelope goes over to Schneider's and vents about how she needs Lydia to give her space. Schneider helps her realize that she and Lydia are in a similar position to her relationship with Alex.
Penelope accepts their family won't have boundaries, but she gets a lock for her door so no one can walk in on her during private moments again.
Lydia mentions she met a guy at the grocery store that would be perfect for Penelope. This mysterious guy knocks on the door.
Penelope opens the door, discovers it's Max. He's back from Indonesia and they both admit they miss each other. They kiss.
Schneider walks in and congratulates them while they continue kissing.
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