Meeting Nora - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 2
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The Alvarez family are at dinner with Nora, Alex's girlfriend. Penelope is desperate to get everyone to order before 6PM to get a discount.

At the end of the meal, Penelope is angry because some of the food they ordered is charged full price since it was put in the system after 6PM. 

Back at the apartment, Alex is angry at Penelope because he felt that she embarrassed him with the way she acted.

Schneider randomly pops up from under the couch, saying he agrees with Alex. He is bickering with Penelope about the fact that she never wants to spend her money even though she has more of it now. 

The next day, Elena drives Alex and Lydia where they need to be before going to her Overwatch tournament. Lydia wants to be dropped off first, but Elena can't drive Alex unless there's an adult present. They pick up Dr. Berkowitz.

Meanwhile, Penelope is excited to have a day to herself in front of the TV with a bag of Cheetos. Except then, her couch splits in two. 

Schneider takes Penelope to a furniture store. She tries to get out of buying a new sofa, but Schneider does not let her.

Elena drops off Alex. She forgot Dr. Berkowitz is still there. She drives to her tournament, but Lydia unexpectedly needs to be picked up. The bus driver refused to drive Lydia with her bucket of crabs.

Penelope looks at couches, hesitant to pick one. She finally tries one out, and likes it. She agrees to buy the couch at the cheapest option. After handing her credit card to a salesperson, Penelope vomits from the prospect of spending money.

Elena has to pick up Alex since he changed his mind about buying the shoes. As a result, Elena missed the first two matches, so she has to drag everyone to the final one. 

Penelope is back at home enjoying her new couch. Elena, Alex, Lydia all return, they have big news to share which will upset Penelope.

While they were at the match their car window was smashed and their car door broke off. Someone stole Elena's laptop. Penelope is angry now.

A little while later, Penelope opens up to Elena about her insecurities with spending money. Elena has been saving money since she started working as Schneider's assistant.

The episode ends with Lydia is watching TV. Alex, Elena, and Penelope join her on the new couch.

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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Alex: I can't believe you embarrassed me in front of Nora like that. For thirteen dollars, and a brownie that the waiter definitely spit on.
Penelope: So what, you want to impress her by making her think you're some big shot who doesn't care about money?
Alex: No, I want to impress her by making her think I don't have a crazy mother.

Elena: So when we get there, you can just hang out in the car.
Leslie: Well actually, I was hoping to join you for the match.
Elena: Do you know anything about esports?
Leslie: Do you know anything about loneliness?