All Together - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 6
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Alex asks Penelope for money to treat Nora for their three month anniversary. Lydia suggests watching the supermoon as a romantic activity.  

Schneider sets up a romantic rooftop scene. Avery arrives on the roof. They talk lovingly for a few minutes, and then they leave. Schneider says the set up was for someone else.

Elena and Syd come out on the roof a little while later. They talk about the supermoon and nerd related things. They don't know who decorated the rooftop, but they decide to take advantage of it.

They start listing their crushes to one another. It gets awkward. They hear footsteps, and they make a run for it.

Alex and Nora come out onto the roof. Alex pretends he set the roof up as a date for her, but Nora realizes it was not him. They enjoy each other's company anyway. 

Alex and Nora kiss, and then Elena and Syd jump out from behind a tapestry. Elena and Syd go back inside.

Alex and Nora continue kissing until Alex screams that he does not want a divorce. Nora asks him about his outburst. Alex says he is afraid of breakups and divorces because of his parents.

Nora comforts him, and then they cuddle on the couch.

Alex comes back to the apartment. Elena and Alex try to figure out who set up the roof until Penelope walks in. She says Max is coming over to watch the supermoon with her. Alex and Elena think Max is going to propose to Penelope.

When Max and Penelope go up to the roof, Penelope freaks out because she thinks Max is proposing. He is not, and he did not set any of this up.

Penelope explains to Max that even if she fell in love again, she had no interest in getting remarried.

Max tells her that his job requires him to leave every few months for a few months. Penelope is okay with that. Max proposes to Penelope never to get married but to be with each other when they can. Penelope says yes. Elena and Alex run out and congratulate them, thinking they are getting married.

Now, none of them know who the rooftop is for until they hear footsteps. They hide.

Leslie and Lydia come out onto the roof. Max, Penelope, Alex, and Elena hear their conversation out of context. Penelope thinks they are about to have sex, so she rushes out of the hiding spot.

Lydia explains they were talking about Berto's ashes. Schneider and Avery arrive on the rooftop.

Penelope thought they scattered her father's ashes in Cuba. Lydia explains she could not do it because Cuba was no longer home. Lydia realized that home is with them, and that it was Leslie's idea to scatter them on the rooftop garden.

Penelope, Alex, Elena, and Lydia all say something about Berto before scattering his ashes over the garden. The four of them hug.

One Day At A Time
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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Tonight, there is a supermoon. You just take Nora's hand and look up, and let the magic of the supermoon do the rest.


Schneider: If somebody would have told me ten years ago that I'd be sober and with the love of my life, I would have said, hey, bartender, you're not my therapist. I was always too scared to let anyone in. Figured if they saw the real me, they'd head for the hills. Or the ocean, depending on traffic. But you saw me, and you stayed.
Avery: I'm always going to stay. Forever.