A Political Dream - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 7
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Lydia announces an invitation to a cousin's baptism, and that her feud with her sister, Mirtha, is back on. Penelope mentions that the problem isn't the feud, it's the fact that Lydia's sister and her family are Trump supporters.

Penelope says they just have to make it through the baptism without discussing politics, but Lydia said she invited them to stay at their apartment. They all begin talking about how to avoid a political discussion with Mirtha's family.

Elena insists that Mirtha and Estrellita have to stay with them, so they don't vote in the upcoming election, since they live in Florida, a swing state.

Penelope says that Mirtha, Estrellita, and family just can't stay with them, but Lydia announces their plane landed and that they are on their way to the apartment.

Schneider suggests to avoid conversation, and Penelope kicks him out of the apartment. 

Alex, Lydia, Penelope, and Elena all throw suggestions on how to avoid politics. Elena suggests that they should discuss politics because their cousins will bring it up anyway. Penelope embraces the idea.

Then, Alex, Lydia, Penelope, and Elena discuss how they will convince their cousins not to support Trump. All the suggestions are disastrous until Elena comes up with a solution. Penelope and Estrellita will talk about their feelings with one another, and why they feel the way they do about politics.

The episode ends with Mirtha, Estrellita, and family arriving at the apartment, and everyone embraces one another.

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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Penelope: I don't have years! There's Cubans in an Uber right now, we still have no plan! Ugh, this is so much harder than I thought.
Elena: Changing people's minds about politics is hard. How did you think it was going to go?

Politics and family do not mix.