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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Supermoon

One Day At A Time Review: Supermoon

On One Day at a Time Season 4 Episode 6, a supermoon prompts intimate confessions, surprise proposals, and solved mysteries. Read our full review below!
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One Day At A Time Quotes

Leslie: Let me just clear up some things. I am Dr. Leslie Berkowitz. Penelope's boss, and also I'm Lydia's exclusive, non-sexual, platonic companion.
Brian: What does that mean?
Leslie: I don't know.

Elena: How do you do it?
Penelope: Do what, honey?
Elena: Be alone, go through life without a partner who cares about you.
Penelope: Okay, well that's one way of putting it. Actually, I've been talking about this in therapy, and I love being alone, it's the best. And we're strong women who don't need a partner to define us.