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The Beginning

Dorian's embarrassed when Todd finds her lecturing Blair that all he cares about is himself. Leaking that Miles is staying at Llanfair with Viki and Natalie and revealing that Cristian killed the guy who held him hostage, Todd asks for Blair's help in making sure Miles ends up in prison.

The Episode

Dorian guesses that Viki is doing this to get Clint to come rescue her from the guy. Clint appears and, after Todd and Blair leave, he offers to teach Dorian the art of playing Texas Hold 'Em in preparation for tonight's casino party.

At her hearing, Marty blurts out that she is pleading not guilty. In spite of her lawyer's argument, the judge refuses to release Marty on bail. John stops Cole as he screams at the judge.

Later, Starr, Markko and Langston offer Cole their support by flipping over the furniture in the courtroom. At the diner Marcie warns Michael that their family is falling apart and asks him what's bothering him.

Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Todd interrupt and as Marcie offers to let Blair hold the baby, John watches from outside the window.

Antonio approaches Jessica and Nash about ending their business partnership and gives Nash 30 days to raise the money. Jessica offers him the money but Nash won't accept it because it reminds him of his partnership with Claudia.

About to be released from prison and eyeing a book about Asa and a photo of Natalie, Banks boasts to a fellow inmate that he knows whom he intends to visit first.

The End

Admitting she and her father are hosting a B.E. Monte Carlo night at the Country club, Natalie asks Miles to be her date. Meanwhile, Talia steels herself and asks Antonio to go to the fund raiser at the Palace with her. After she assures him it's not a date, he agrees.

One Life To Live
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