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PART ONE: After indulging in a food fight in Dorian's kitchen, Langston and Markko decide to make love. At the fundraiser, Clint is aghast to see Dorian toss his check for ten million dollars into the pot during her poker game with Viki. Antonio brings Talia back to the diner late at night for a midnight snack.

PART TWO: Blair and Todd debate the questionable wisdom of attempting yet another reconciliation. Certain her old nemesis is bluffing, Viki calls Dorian's bet. Antonio confides to Talia how much he hated attending high society functions when he was married to Jessica. Stung when Markko suddenly puts on the brakes, Langston angrily assumes he's not into her after all.

PART THREE: While discussing the Spencer Truman case with John, Marcie (Kathy Brier) is astonished to realize that her brother-in-law suspects her of murder. Dorian trumps Viki's four aces with a royal flush and triumphantly gathers in her winnings. Markko assures Langston he respects her so she doesn't need to have sex with him to keep him around.

Starr urges Cole to believe that his mother will be exonerated.

PART FOUR: Michael (Nathaniel Marston) snarls at John for slandering his wife. Nora suggests to Viki that Clint was the real reason she allowed Dorian to provoke her into losing millions of dollars. A clueless Antonio presses Talia to reveal the identity of the man for whom she's fallen. Bo confides to Lindsay how torn he is about protecting Asa from prosecution.

Michael warns John that they'll no longer be brothers if he dares to breathe a word about Tommy's true parentage.

One Life To Live
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