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PART I: Bo (Robert S. Woods) tells Clint he's decided he must place Asa under arrest after all. Meanwhile, at the Buchanan mansion, Nigel makes a devastating discovery. Dorian is delighted when Todd splashes his sister's ten million dollar mishap all over the front page of the Sun.

As Clint attempts to dissuade Bo from taking their father into custody, Nora arrives with the sad news that Asa died in his sleep.

PART II: Dorian begins to wonder if Langston is being neglected by her parents. Blair has a strange reaction upon hearing of Asa's passing. Viki phones Joey and Kevin as Jessica and Natalie share their loss. Stunned to learn about her great-grandfather, Sarah clings to Clint.

Rex offers Bo his sympathy after bumping into the commissioner at the diner.

PART III: Later, the people of Llanview prepare to say their final farewells to Asa. Renee is touched when Max returns for the funeral along with Kevin, Joey and Cord. During the reception later, Blair is reunited with Max for the first time in many years. Nigel fondly recalls his long service in Asa's employ. Dorian has a bittersweet encounter with Joey. Clint trails his brother out to the stables after Bo imbibes too much alcohol.

Viki and Dorian suffer a sense of deja vu after they become trapped together in the wine cellar.

One Life To Live
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