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Part One

Miles is grateful for Natalie's friendship when she promises to support him during his preliminary hearing. Despite Nora's objections, the judge throws out the most serious charge against Miles - attempted murder.

Part Two

Miles (David Chisum) makes a surprising announcement in the courtroom. John bolsters Marty as her jury selection gets underway and admits he might be getting closer to figuring out who really killed Spencer.

Todd can barely hide his jealousy when he learns Max kissed Blair.

Part Three

Before taking his leave, Max tells Todd that Blair considers Todd the love of her life. Blair reminds Todd why they aren't good together as a couple.

Marcie tells Lindsay that she nominated her for Woman of the Year and Lindsay won. Jessica surprises Nash with her spur of the moment plan to take Bree and visit Kelly and Zane in London.

Part Four

Jessica assures Nash that their relationship is solid and they make love. Bo reinstates Antonio on the force and assigns Talia to work with him.

Talia tries to hide her crush when she realizes she's going to be spending a lot more time with Antonio, who's oblivious to her feelings for him.

One Life To Live
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