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Part One

As the episode begins, we see Nash losing the poker challenge to Jared, who gleefully rakes in a large pot. Miles confides to Natalie that he knows more about Todd's missing son than he's let on.

Part Two

At the jail, Marty tells John that Lindsay murdered Spencer. Across town, Lindsay uneasily accepts her award as Llanview's "Woman of the Year." Todd and Blair both hasten to assure their daughter that they're not on a date but Starr feels certain the two are about to reconcile.

Covering for his earlier slip of the lip, Miles convinces Natalie (Melissa Archer) he has no idea where Todd's boy could be. Marty thanks John for believing in her innocence even when she herself thought she was a killer.

Lindsay breaks down in tears as she sadly reminisces about Jen during her acceptance speech. Roxy tries to console Nash as he bemoans losing his last cent. Marty phones Cole with her good news.

Part Three

Upon arriving at the banquet, Todd is disappointed to learn that the usual curse hasn't yet struck the annual event. Meanwhile, Marcie is puzzled by Lindsay's continuing meltdown. Michael fears the worst when John crashes the ceremony with officers in tow.

Jared offers Nash a chance to win money back but the embittered vineyard owner declares he doesn't take charity. Determined to prevent Marcie from being arrested, Michael furiously accosts his brother.

Jared places a call to Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes).

One Life To Live
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