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Part One

While meeting with John (Michael Easton), Nora points out the holes in his case against Lindsay and wants him to give her a motive for why Lindsay would have committed murder.

Without giving away the secret about Tommy, John cleverly avoids answering Nora directly as he insists he'll be able to give her enough evidence to get a conviction against Lindsay.

Part Two

Natalie is concerned for Miles when she sees the bruises Todd inflicted on him. Natalie convinces Miles to try to get to Todd through Blair (Kassie DePaiva). Alone with Blair, Miles stuns her with the news that Tommy McBain is really TJ Manning. Talia ends up helping Antonio and Jamie re-paint the loft and tries to hide what she's really feeling.

Part Three

After refusing at first, Nash accepts Clint's offer to let him borrow the money he needs to buy Antonio's share of the vineyard. Nash goes to Antonio and is thrown for a loop when Antonio tells him he's already sold his part of the vineyard. Until next time ...

One Life To Live
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