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Part 1: Nora arranges an impromptu party at Capricorn for Talia with Adriana, Vincent (Tobias Truvillion) and Layla in thanks for saving their lives. As the bartender finishes pouring champagne for the ladies, they point out to Talia that he was flirting with her but when she claims she didn't notice it, her friends wonder if there is another man in her life. After he agrees that Blair can stay the night, Todd claims he did it for their kids' sake. John questions Michael about the time he spent with Spencer in the ER but Michael insists he's not keeping anything from him.

Part 2: Arguing that Marty is innocent, John vows not to stop snooping until he can find something to prove that Marty is innocent. After he walks out, Michael calls Rex to warn him that John may come after him next. Rex suggests he admit that Tommy is Todd's son but Michael refuses. When Marcie opens up to her about her concerns for Michael lately, Lindsay suggests that adoptive parents sometimes have a fear of having their child taken from them. Taken aback when Miles approaches her in jail, Marty tells him she doesn't want his help and asks him to stay away.

Part 3: He offers to get her the use of his lawyer so she can get out of jail. Marty refuses. Urging him not to drink too much as they sit at the bar at Rodi's, Bo admits to Antonio that he not only knows about Jessica and Nash marrying, he adds that he was there. The two commiserate over the loss of the women from their lives. When Rex joins them, he's forced to temper his own happiness at being back together with Adriana.

One Life To Live
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