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PART I: Jared tricks an irked Natalie into meeting him at Capricorn. A worried Michael asks John if Lindsay killed Spencer because she knows the truth about Tommy. Meanwhile, Marcie snarls at Todd (Trevor St. John) when she finds him lounging around outside Lindsay's jail cell, hoping for a scoop.

PART II: Nash angrily accuses Antonio of selling his share of the vineyard just to spite him. Blair blasts Miles for his vicious lies but he insists he can prove that the McBains are raising Todd's son. Jared persuades Natalie to give him a few more minutes of her precious time. Starr and Jack drop by their dad's office at the Sun for a surprise visit.

PART III: Michael (Nathaniel Marston) and John argue again about the questionable morality of keeping a parent from his child. Later, John reluctantly promises his relieved brother that he won't reveal his secret. Nash smells a rat upon learning that the man who bested him during the poker game immediately thereafter bought controlling interest in the vineyard.

PART IV: Miles shows a stunned Blair the letter Spencer left behind. Todd gently explains to his children why they will never meet their baby brother. Nash confronts Jared at the club. Blair overhears Jack, Starr and Todd memorializing the little boy they've lost.

Lindsay tearfully advises Marcie to forget about her.

One Life To Live
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