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Part 1: Hunter grabs Sarah as she returns to Capricorn. Cristian (David Fumero) orders him to back off but Hunter pulls out a knife, grabs Sarah and forces her to call her father in London to demand money. Cristian manages to jump the man and Sarah screams as one of them is stabbed during the fight for the knife. Offering his laptop back and admitting he found the "art project," John asks Rex why he was so interested in making Todd think that his son died. Offering one lie after another, Rex denies making the death certificate so John claims Todd will be very interested to learn that his child is still alive.

Part 2: He also tells Rex that Spencer must have had "one more card to play." John has Rex followed and correctly guesses that he would run to Michael. After hearing Marcie talk about Tommy and that his birthday is probably in February, John then boasts to Rex and Michael that he has figured out the truth. When Cole finds Miles' things at Marty's place, Nora grabs a handful and tosses them out into the hallway. Miles stops by to pick up a few things and Blair takes great pleasure in announcing that they threw everything out into the hall. Refusing to allow Miles to live there, Viki accuses Natalie of protecting Miles to provoke John.

Part 3: Natalie denies it but Viki describes the awful mistakes she's made in relationships. She insists she's trying to change and asks her to trust her judgment. Viki refuses but then relents when Natalie points out how often she has forgiven Todd. Blair wakes on the couch and is nervous after having spent the night sleeping next to Todd. Todd's impressed when Starr correctly guesses the hesitancy on the part of the two adults.

One Life To Live
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