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PART I: Jessica and Nash (Forbes March) choose to keep Natalie in the dark about Jared. Meanwhile, Nora introduces Jared to Cole (Brandon Buddy) as the boy moves into the mansion. In Texas, Rex is pleasantly surprised to encounter Gigi but she gives him an icy reception in return. As they return to the drive-in for a second date, Charlie tells Viki he's going to do 90 AA meetings in 90 days.

PART II: The claws come out during the Cramer women's holiday gathering as Blair (Kassie DePaiva) snarls at Adriana. Viki confides to Charlie how much she missed him. Gigi bitterly reminds Rex how he failed to even call her after leaving town years ago. Jessica is taken aback when her sister reveals that she recently enjoyed a one night stand with John. Cristian (David Fumero) tells Layla he still wants to visit Evangeline.

PART III: Intrigued to learn from Matthew that Lindsay's (Catherine Hickland) condition is much improved, Nora reopens her file on the Truman murder. When Rex inquires about Marcie (Kathy Brier), Gigi nervously claims the runaway woman and her child left Paris weeks ago and were bound for South America. Though Dorian attempts to referee, the battle between her daughter and her niece intensifies after Adriana lets it slip to Blair how she knew all along about "Tommy's" true origins. Charlie and Viki share a kiss.

One Life To Live
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