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As the Christmas Eve episode of One Life to Live begins, Viki and Charlie share their first kiss and it's obvious that both are ready to take their relationship to a new level. Viki and Charlie, however, find themselves stranded when the car won't start ... but neither seems to mind.

Gigi worries that Rex has recognized Marcie's engagement ring but her fears prove unfounded. Gigi stuffs down her feelings when Rex tells her he's going to propose to his girlfriend and makes an offer for the ring.

We are left to wonder if Rex is really Shane's father.

Nash is against Jessica's plan to try to trick Jared into thinking Tess is back in order to trip him up. Although she agrees to table the discussion for now, Jessica remains privately resolved to carry out her plan.

Jared struggles to rein in his jealousy when Natalie tells him she slept with John and explains she did so to get Jared out of her system. Natalie and Jared share another moment when he gives her his mother's locket.

Addie's arrival to the Cramer home breaks up Adriana and Blair's fight.

The Cramer women are shocked because Addie is acting perfectly normal, which she explains is the result of a new medication. Blair is thrilled by the changes in Addie but Dorian is rattled.

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