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PART ONE: As One Life to Live begins another week, John watches in horror as Ramsey sends the van carrying Marty and Cole careening off a cliff. In Texas, David cheerfully informs Marcie he's going to cash in big time for turning her over to the authorities. Starr begins plastering posters with photos of Cole and his mom around town. As Charlie's arrival at the mansion sends Jared into panic mode, he angrily reminds his dad how he wants nothing more to do with him.

PART TWO: Marcie appeals to David to do the right thing and let her escape with Tommy. Despite her anger, Starr can't help feeling sorry for Michael as he faces a future without his wife, career and freedom. John attempts to extricate Marty from the wreckage. Charlie begs his son to give him another chance but Jared rejects his pleas. Meanwhile, Natalie reels to think she's fallen in love with her own uncle. Dorian then learns a shocking truth re: Jared's connection to Charlie. David offers to keep quiet ... that is, if Marcie coughs up $1 million...

One Life To Live
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