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Part 1: Viki is pleased to hear that both Jessica and David are recuperating well following the transplant surgery. Cris and Rex drag a protesting Sarah to Llanfair to see her family. At the precinct house, Marty blurts out to Bo how Miles held Todd prisoner. Meanwhile, Britney gleefully informs Starr that Cole knows what happened to her dad.

Part 2: Lured to the police station by Cole, Miles frantically attempts to silence his wife but Marty reveals how she killed Spencer and was blackmailed into tying the knot with Truman's protege. Later, John pulls Marty aside and implores her to recant her confession before it's too late. Dorian urges an irked Blair to forget about Todd and move on with her life. Questioned by Viki and Clint, Sarah tries to avoid an awkward subject but Rex and Cris force her to admit how she became involved with her uncle's disappearance.

Part 3: Starr adamantly refuses to believe Britney's bizarre tale. Crawling through the woods, Todd stumbles over a discarded cell phone and calls Blair's number. Over Marty's objections, Cole makes his own confession to Bo just as a stunned Starr arrives with her mother. Dorian answers her niece's phone and is startled to recognize Todd's voice.

One Life To Live
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