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Part 1: As David shakes his head, Marty announces to Bo that she has remembered more about Spencer's death. She goes on to confess that she killed him. Bo quickly pulls her into his office and lectures her about being certain before making statements. David points out that she doesn't actually remember stabbing Truman with the scissors that she claims she raised over her head. Bo asks her to start from the beginning and tell him everything. Afterwards, Bo is forced to place her under arrest. Nora advises Cole and Matthew about Paige's legal options. When Cole fears that Starr will want nothing to do with him, an assured Matthew insists he can get her to come around.

Part 2: Meanwhile, Starr tells Viki that it's over between her and Cole. Vincent and Shaun agree to work together to take care of Tate (Chris Beetem) should Layla's sister die. Admitting he worries about not telling Layla how he feels about her, Vincent wonders aloud if he did the right thing in saving the racist's life. Shaun insists he did and runs downstairs to warn Layla that Vincent needs her. Back on the roof, Layla assures Vincent that he's a hero for how he handled Tate. Dorian tries to convince Adriana and Layla that their lingerie company is not doomed because of Tate's association.

Part 3: Rex advises Sarah and Cristian about Tate's arrest and that Todd has been found. Cristian warns Sarah that with Hunter still free, her life is still in danger. Later, a broke Sarah asks Cristian to hire her as the booker for Capricorn, insisting she can make it a hot place. Jessica guesses to Nash that Antonio will be very hurt when he finds out about their marriage.

One Life To Live
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