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Part 1: Rex (John Paul Lavoisier) works hard to convince Adriana that she is not responsible for what Tate did, pointing out that Tate is an insane, racist, murdering arsonist. Assuring her that he still has feelings for her, Rex kisses her. When Antonio brings her by the diner, Roxie accidentally mentions in front of Jamie that Antonio and Jessica are divorced. She makes things worse when she lets slip to Antonio that Jessica and Nash have tied the knot. Jessica calls Antonio to the hospital where he lets her know he's not happy she didn't tell him about her new marriage. She apologizes but he admits he's tired of her apologies and her betrayals and asks her to stay out of his life.

Part 2: Though she tries to avoid talking about what she feels for him, Cole asks Starr whether she hates him or loves him. He confesses that he knows he did wrong but claims that he did so for the right reason. After she admits that she will forgive him, the two are happily reunited only to be upset when he gets a call about Paige's arrest. After he suffers a terrible dream about Evangeline, Blair advises Todd that she is in a coma. He starts to get out of bed so he can go see her but Blair explains she's in a private hospital and can't see her anyway. Suggesting this is as good a time as any, Blair's rocked when Todd confesses that he still has feelings for Evangeline.

Part 3: She presses him to talk about their relationship but then backs off as she realizes how painful it is. As John interrogates him, Miles defends what he did because he did it for love. John leaves him alone in the interrogation room so that he can write his confession but Natalie manages to make her way in to see him and stops him.

One Life To Live
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