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One Life to Live: 11/1/2007
Jessica and Nash are appalled to find Jared making himself at home in Asa's mansion. Langston happily informs Starr that it appears Blair will be allowed to become her foster mother. In Georgia, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Marty reach the jail only to find Todd and John again at each other's throat.

Part Two ...
Viki reminds her giggling coworkers that she just met Charlie and only helped him find a room at the same motel where she lives. Jared boasts to Nash and Jessica about landing in such a sweet situation after Renee invited him to move in. Sarah snarls at Natalie when she tries to warn her younger cousin to beware of Jared's games. Starr (Kristen Alderson) explains to Langston (Brittany Underwood) why her mom flew south to rescue her dad and therefore won't be available for the all-important interview with Child Protective Services.

Part Three...
Dorian (Robin Strasser) is disconcerted to learn how Clint and Nora are planning to travel to Texas together for the reading of Asa's (Phil Carey) will. Marty and Blair decide to lay down some ground rules before bailing out their men. Charlie offers to clear Viki's good name. Clint presses Jessica to disclose why she and her twin dislike Jared so intensely. Meanwhile, Sarah deliberately enrages Natalie by inviting Jared to join her family on their trip to the ranch. Nigel ponders the possible fall-out should he reveal the secret Asa took to his grave.

One Life To Live
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