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PART ONE: Marcie grows flustered to learn that Alice doesn't live in Paris anymore. Roxy drops a bombshell on Dorian but Adriana hastens to assure her shaken mother that she is not pregnant. Asa's news about another son comes as a shock to everyone gathered at the ranch ... with one exception. Starr calls Bo (Robert S. Woods) for help after finding the Death mask at the Saybrooke apartment but no sign of Cole. Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, John discovers that Marty has vanished from their motel room. Clint pressures Nigel to give up his long-lost brother. Viki and Charlie enjoy an evening at the drive-in.

PART TWO: On the second half of One Life to Live, sympathetic Gigi reaches out to Marcie (Kathy Brier), who allows the waitress to believe she's an abused woman on the run from her husband. After refusing to divulge Asa's secret, Nigel is surprised to learn he's inherited his late employer's yacht and island. Dorian explains to Adriana (Melissa Gallo) why she's getting a new "sister." Bo and John compare notes and realize both Marty and her son may have been abducted by the same person. Roxy warns Dorian that letting Clint go with Nora was a bad idea. Gigi encourages "Sally Ann" to take her boy and hide out at the Bon Suites. John decides to return to Llanview but gives Todd and Blair one last clue about Marcie before he departs.

One Life To Live
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