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PART I: Miles swears to John he has no idea why Cole (Brandon Buddy) and his mother have vanished. Viki reminds the cash-strapped Gigi that money can't buy happiness. Marty comes to and finds herself in a locked room with no windows. Jared's snide remark about Jessica provokes Nash to punch him in the face. After breaking up the fight, Clint demands an explanation but his son-in-law won't talk. John explains to his agitated brother why he abandoned the search for Marcie and Tommy to start hunting for Marty instead. Sarah calls Cristian and fills him in on the outcome ...

PART II: Clint invites Nora to go horseback riding with him and Matthew. As Roxy leaps to Miles' defense, Ramsey and his men arrive to question John. Charlie drops by the diner to ask Viki for another date. Cris grows irate upon learning how Sarah invited Jared to the ranch. Ramsey threatens to place John under arrest for aiding a fugitive. Sarah accuses Jared of being hung up on Natalie. Nora assures Clint he's welcome to stay on as long as he likes. Viki realizes she doesn't even know Charlie's last name but he balks at disclosing anything except the initial "B."

One Life To Live
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