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  • As the large Llanview contingent arrives at Asa's spread in Texas, Clint (Jerry ver Dorn) orders Natalie, Jessica and Nash to be civil to Jared for Renee's sake at least.
  • Determined to come across as a responsible foster mother, Dorian lays down some new ground rules for all her young charges. Renee is amused when Matthew demonstrates an impressive knowledge of his grandfather's personal history and western lore in general.
  • The ladies of the Buchanan clan are intrigued to meet Chuck, a handsome and outgoing ranch hand. Starr offers to lend Dorian a sympathetic ear any time she needs to vent about her love life. At the roadside motel, Todd manages to score a second room and invites Blair to join him.
  • Happy to have the chance to annoy Jared, Natalie flirts openly with Chuck. Starr (Kristen Alderson) begins to wonder if Cole is really hiding something from her.
  • Blair encourages Todd to believe that they're getting close to finding his son. Meanwhile, down the hall, John admits to Marty how he came face to face with his fugitive sister-in-law at the drag club.
  • Jessica prods Natalie to act upon Chuck's interest in her. Dorian calls Clint's cell and is irked when Nora answers. Marty confides to John that Cole's (Brandon Buddy) father was murdered.
One Life To Live
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