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PART ONE: Todd and Blair (Kassie DePaiva) spend a platonic night in bed, while down the hall John and Marty enjoy making love for the first time. In the morning, a beaming Marty assures John she's glad they've moved their relationship to the next level. Cristian has an erotic dream with Sarah in the starring role. At the ranch, Natalie and Chuck stage a bedroom scene to convince Jared they've become lovers.

PART TWO: In New Orleans, Wendell and Celia urge "Penny" to take her son and leave before her pursuers catch up with them. Armed with a bouquet, Bo comes to St. Ann's to visit a grateful Lindsay. Though a jealous Jared snarls at Chuck, Natalie reminds the intruder he has no say in her personal life. After Jared storms off, Natalie thanks the ranch hand for playing along with her stunt.

PART THREE: Celia and Wendell give "Penny" directions to a friend's place and offer her a sum of cash but she refuses to take their money. Later, Marcie (Kathy Brier) thanks the couple for everything and departs with Tommy in tow. Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) encourages his kid brother to resume his painting, then prods Cris (David Fumero) to admit how much he misses Sarah. Natalie explains to Chuck why Jared deserved to be taken down. Bo reveals how he decided to miss the reading of his father's will.

One Life To Live
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