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PART I: Gigi and Noelle push Viki (Erika Slezak) to leave the diner early so she can prepare for her big date. Keeping their private agendas to themselves, Alex and David decide to tie the knot at Dreamland that very day. Beaver Calhoun plays the DVD Asa made for his last will and testament. John finds Ramsey and his men grilling Wendell and Celia. A worried Starr comes to the Saybrookes' apartment looking for Cole.

PART II: Asa's (Phil Carey) will reading brings Renee to tears, as Jessica and Natalie are touched by their grandfather's loving words. Marty suggests to Todd that they find a way to co-exist peacefully for the sake of their respective children. Ramsey secretly plants a beacon on John's car in hopes the former agent will lead him straight to Marcie. Unable to locate Cole (Brandon Buddy), Starr (Kristen Alderson) gets help from Langston (Brittany Underwood) and Markko. The Buchanans are then stunned when Asa leaves his ranch to Chuck. David and Alex sign a prenup, then marry.

PART III: John appeals to Celia and Wendell for help finding his sister-in-law. Marty (Christina Chambers) tells Todd about her encounter with the person in the Death mask. Clint assures Chuck the family is fine with Asa's decision. Later, as the DVD continues, Asa announces that Nora will inherit his mansion so that she, Matthew, Renee and Nigel will always have a place to call home.

One Life To Live
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