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PART I: Dorian encourages a grieving Langston to believe that she isn't all alone in the world any more.

John glumly informs Bo how Todd was awarded custody of his son. An ecstatic Starr tells Jack their baby brother is coming home that very night. Enraged to discover that Marcie has abducted Tommy, Todd bitterly accuses Michael of helping his wife take off with the boy. As Langston (Brittany Underwood) rages at Dorian for prying into her personal life, Markko arrives to pick up his date.

PART II: Cole rains on Starr's parade by admitting how sorry he feels for the McBains.

Markko tries to console Langston after she reveals her parents have died in an automobile accident. Michael (Nathaniel Marston) attempts to contact Marcie but she refuses to answer her cell. After John arrives with Bo, Todd demands that Michael be arrested for his part in a kidnapping conspiracy. Dorian convinces Langston to come home with her. As the hour grows late, Blair and Starr begin to wonder why Todd still hasn't returned with the baby. Meanwhile, Marcie heads towards New Jersey with Tommy in tow.

One Life To Live
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