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PART ONE: Todd admits to a sympathetic Blair (Kassie DePaiva) about how frustrating it was to be so close to having his son back in his arms only to lose Tommy again. Natalie cheerfully informs Clint she's fired Jared. Meanwhile, Jared warns Nash (Forbes March) that Jessica will be looking at some serious jail time unless he gets his job back at Buchanan Enterprises. Marcie holes up at her brother's place with the baby. In the morning, Ron urges a fuming Marcie to return to Michael before a bad situation gets even worse.

PART TWO: Langston (Brittany Underwood) tells Starr how Markko declared his love to her the night before, then confides her fear that he'll change his tune again once he learns how she lied to everyone for so long. John cautions Michael that Marcie could face federal kidnapping charges if she's crossed the state line. Jessica calmly calls Jared's bluff. Across town, Clint suggests to an irked Natalie that she acted too hastily in dismissing the man she just hired.

PART THREE: Starr (Kristen Alderson) is stunned to learn why her baby brother never made it to La Boulet. Ron reluctantly lies to Michael when he calls looking for his wife. Dorian (Robin Strasser) again reaches out to a grateful Langston. Todd gets wind of a lead on his missing boy. Ron tries once more to convince his sister not to go on the lam but Marcie remains adamant that she will never surrender Tommy. Jessica and Natalie present a united front to face down Jared's threats.

One Life To Live
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