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One Life to Live: Part One
At the gym, Cris tells his amused brother he has no romantic feelings for Sarah. Bo and Nora come to St. Ann's to see Lindsay. After hearing Dorian's tale, Clint asks why she couldn't have shared her burden with him earlier. As the people from Social Services insist that Langston (Brittany Underwood) is now a ward of the state, an enraged Starr realizes who made the anonymous call to the child welfare agency. Layla (Tika Sumpter) suggests to Sarah that she should pursue her obvious interest in Cristian.

One Life to Live: Part Two
Antonio begins to wonder if Shaun is truly into Talia as much as she thinks. Dorian pulls Clint into a passionate kiss. Starr attacks Britney and has to be pulled off her enemy by Cole and Markko. Sarah easily guesses Talia's secret. Meanwhile, an angry Antonio takes Shaun to task for hitting on another woman behind Talia's back. Nora continues to entertain doubts about the extent of Lindsay's illness. Desperate to prevent her friend from being taken to a foster home, Starr calls Dorian for help.

One Life to Live: Part Three
Sarah advises Talia on ways to make the man of her dreams notice her. Bo urges Lindsay not to let anyone hear her admit how she killed Spencer to protect Tommy. Ms. Woodrow threatens to have Dorian arrested if she tries to leave with Langston. Vincent gives Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) a word to the wise. Clint complains to Nora about his problematic lover. Langston shares a tearful farewell with Starr, Cole and Markko.

One Life To Live
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