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PART I: As One Life to Live gets underway, Renee advises Natalie and Cristian to get a room after she finds them locking lips in the Palace's restaurant. Gigi prods Viki to act on Charlie's obvious interest in her. Down in Decatur, Harvey dons full female regalia and runs interference with an irked Ramsey. Blair icily rebuffs Rex and Adriana's friendly overtures. Natalie hastens to assure Renee that she and Cris are just friends and only kissed because Jared and Sarah were putting on a vulgar public display of affection.

PART II: Clarence helps Marcie (Kathy Brier) and Tommy slip into the back room of the drag club as Harvey keeps Ramsey and the other FBI agents busy. Taken aback to learn that Michael was forced to remain in Llanview, Blair fears that Todd and John's search will disintegrate into a sparring match. Viki explains to Gigi how she put her heart on a shelf after her husband died too young. Adriana reminds Rex how irate Blair (Kassie DePaiva) will be if she ever learns how long they knew the truth about Tommy.

PART III: Jared turns on the charm with Renee again. Later, Natalie is irate when Renee urges her to hire Jared all over again. Upset when Shane arrives sporting a black eye, Gigi reminds her son that his father died a hero so he has no reason to feel ashamed in front of the other kids. John and Todd spend the long drive bickering and trading insults. Viki watches approvingly as Charlie gives a grateful Shane some tips on self-defense. Natalie's jaw drops again when Renee reveals how she's given Jared the keys to the Buchanan mansion.

One Life To Live
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