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One Life to Live: Part I

Although Sarah crows about winning the bet, Cris refuses to believe that she's actually booked Timberland to play at Capricorn. As Talia tries to come clean with Antonio, Layla suddenly shoves a baffled Shaun into the mix and declares that he's the "George" in question. Dorian tells Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) she'd like to hire him to find Langston's curiously absent parents.

One Life to Live: Part II

John brings Tommy over to Marty's place on the pretext of needing some help with the boy. On the stand, a flustered Michael faces tough questions centering on when he first learned the truth about his adoptive son's identity. Talia plays along with Layla's scheme, explaining to Antonio how she's been dating Shaun for a while but calls him by his middle name.

One Life to Live: Part III

Well aware of Marcie's eyes on him, Michael claims he only learned about Tommy's biological father when Todd announced it in open court. Langston overreacts after Markko innocently picks up a framed photo of her mom and dad. Dorian shrugs off Rex's suggestion that she might be overstepping by meddling in the personal life of Starr's best friend. Marty and John share another tender moment. Shaun pulls Talia into a kiss.

One Life to Live: Part IV

An emotional Marcie takes the stand to tell the judge how much her son means to her and why Tommy must remain with the people who truly love him. Rex reluctantly agrees to help Dorian track down Langston's family. Talia kicks herself for letting Layla make matters worse.

One Life To Live
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