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Part I: One Life to Live
Rex panics after he overhears Adriana discussing a pregnancy during a phone conversation. Langston tells Starr she's not certain she'll really fit into the Manning clan. In Angel Square, Roxy (Ilene Kristen) grumbles about having to work at the neighborhood children's Halloween party but Miles admits he's truly enjoying their community service assignment.

Part II: One Life to Live
Jack complains to his mother about feeling neglected in the midst of all the turmoil surrounding Langston's arrival and the search for Tommy. In Decatur, Clarence helps Marcie disguise herself as a fellow performer in order to elude the feds. Meanwhile, John and Todd arrive at the drag club and discover that Ramsey is already one step ahead of them. Talia and Antonio bring Jamie over to Layla's place to trick-or-treat.

Part III: One Life to Live
Starr assures Langston (Brittany Underwood) that everything will work out fine. Later, Cole and Markko come by La Boulet to celebrate Halloween with their giggling girlfriends. Blair promises Jack that she and his dad will always hold him in a special place in their hearts no matter how many new additions join their family. Rex encourages a puzzled Adriana to open up to him about anything that might be troubling her.

Part IV: One Life to Live
Marty has an unsettling encounter with a person wearing a Grim Reaper costume. Vincent slyly prods Antonio to see Talia for the wonderful woman she truly is. Starr and Cole recall their first Halloween together one year ago. Marcie tearfully explains to a sympathetic Harvey and Clarence why she can't lose her son now. Later, Harvey convinces Marcie that the best way to avoid capture is to go on stage as part of the main act.

Adriana (Melissa Gallo) and Layla are revealed to be working on a new line of maternity wear. Still laboring under a misapprehension, Rex drops a bombshell on "Grandma" Roxy. John is startled to recognize the smallest drag queen performing for an appreciative audience at the club.

One Life To Live
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