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PART ONE: At BE, Natalie awkwardly explains how she hired Jared without consulting him first. Timbaland is set to perform at Capricorn, so Cris and Sarah scurry to get the club ready for such a big night. Shaun enjoys maintaining the pretense of being Talia's main squeeze in front of Antonio. Rex tells a surprised Adriana how her mother hired him to do some sleuthing.

Markko assures Langston his mom and dad will love her as much as he does. Todd, Blair, Michael and Marcie return to the courthouse upon learning that the judge has reached a decision in the custody case.

PART TWO: Dorian quizzes Starr and Cole about Langston's missing-in-action parents. Marcie continues to snipe at Michael for keeping the truth about Tommy to himself for so long. Langston is touched by Markko's declaration of love. A scornful Marcie turns down Todd's offer to share custody of his son with the McBains. Layla warns Shaun not to take advantage of Talia's precarious situation. Natalie squirms when Jared lies to Clint about his previous connection to Jessica (Bree Williamson).

Later, Jared invites Natalie out on a date. Cole impresses Starr with his culinary skills as he cooks dinner for the two of them. Dorian tells a rattled Langston she knows the truth about the girl's parents.

One Life To Live
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