September 10, 2007 Photograph
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PART ONE: Jared returns to the vineyard for a talk with Nash about their partnership.

Jessica pays a call on Marty (Christina Chambers) to catch up with her newly freed friend. In the courtroom, a confused Marcie clutches Tommy closer as Todd loudly insists that the child is his. Jared shows an uneasy Nash his plans for expanding the vineyard into a tourist destination.

PART TWO: Marty explains to Jessica (Bree Williamson) why her friendship with John will remain just that. As Todd is taken back into custody, Nora wonders if Lindsay knows more than she's saying about the McBains' little boy. Later, John pulls his brother and sister-in-law aside for a private chat. Nash admits to Jared that he's not used to a partner who wants to be so hands-on with all aspects of the vineyard.

PART THREE: After being returned to her jail cell, Lindsay confides to Bo how she knew the truth about Tommy. Marcie is devastated when John reluctantly reveals that the child she's been raising is indeed Todd's long-lost son. Meanwhile, Michael pretends to be hearing the bad news for the first time.

As Todd and Rex bitterly trade insults, Blair cautions her ex not to make matters worse.

Bo reminds Lindsay how Nora could ask for the death penalty now that she can claim Spencer's murder was premeditated. Jessica is taken aback to find Jared with Nash.

One Life To Live
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