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Part 1: Marty (Christina Chambers) triumphantly delivers a copy of the annulment papers to Miles, who insists he still loves her. Outraged when Todd arrives at the McBains' apartment with a court order, Marcie vehemently declares that she will never give up her son.

Part 2: Dorian reminds Blair how firmly Todd holds on to a grudge. Jessica drops by Buchanan Enterprises to see her sister and finds Natalie in a dither about Jared's latest attempt to talk his way into a job. Marty confides to John how relieved she is to have her mistake of a marriage behind her.

Part 3: Judy explains to her clients why they must submit a DNA sample from Tommy in order to be in compliance with the judge's order. Jared assures his new business partner he has no intention of messing with Nash's success. John admits to Marty why he was suspended from the police department. Though rattled to hear Natalie's story, Jessica dissuades her twin from siccing BE's security forces on Jared.

Part 4: Marcie (Kathy Brier) entreats Todd to let Tommy stay in the only home he's ever known. Later, Judy warns the McBains that their only chance of retaining custody is to prove Todd an unfit parent. Natalie and Miles witness a lingering kiss between John and Marty.

One Life To Live
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