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Part I: One Life to Live

Dorian (Robin Strasser) runs roughshod over the hired help as they scurry around putting the finishing touches on the Mannings' last minute nuptials. At Buchanan Enterprises, Jim puts a bristling Natalie on notice after spotting her accepting a shoulder massage from Jared.

Michael, John and Marty team up to surprise Marcie with a birthday bash on the roof. Cole drops by La Boulet to find an excited Starr looking forward to her parents' latest wedding. Meanwhile, Todd pulls Blair into a kiss to "practice" for their big moment.

Part II: One Life to Live
Jessica explains to an amused Clint how her uncle chose her to be his best man. Jim reminds Natalie he can make her life miserable despite her family ties. Jack is aghast to overhear his mom and dad discussing their phony marriage. Marcie thanks Michael for orchestrating her surprise party.

Blair (Kassie DePaiva) explains to Jack how she and Todd want to make a nice home for his brother. Later, Blair helps Starr convince Todd to let Cole stay on for the wedding. Natalie makes it clear to Jared how important it is for her to succeed at her grandfather's firm.

Standing before the justice of the peace to tie the knot with Blair for the fourth time, Todd reminds his bride how she's always been in his heart. Rex and Adriana make the most of their first night together.

One Life To Live
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