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As the credits begin, Cole hates the fact that Miles is forcing him to keep the truth about Todd from Starr. Time stands still as Miles envisions Spencer and realizes what he must do.

Meanwhile, Blair is determined to prove that Miles is connected to Todd's disappearance. Britney continues to bait Starr and Cole and plans on dropping her bombshell when it will do the most damage. She's trying to figure out when that will be.

As might be expected, though, Cole begins to unravel under the pressure of the secret he's keeping and reaches his breaking point in front of Marty. Miles panics when he finds that Todd isn't where he left him. John makes it clear to David that he's going to use him as bait to lure out Spencer's killer. Vincent runs into Natalie at Rodi's and is glad to see her so happy about her new job.

Wait, though, there's more!

Adriana helps Tate make arrangements for his father's funeral and is slightly unsettled by his behavior. Meanwhile, Rex tells Layla he still loves Adriana and is certain Tate isn't what he seems. Layla is sympathetic towards Rex but doesn't think he has a chance of getting Adriana back. Tate fantasizes about Adriana's death and is in contact with the OPP. Adriana makes a disturbing discovery in Tate's backpack.

One Life To Live
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