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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.1.08

Today on One Life to Live, Nigel pales when Natalie confronts him about his duplicity with Jared, but he still defends his actions. Natalie stops Jared from telling the family the truth about himself. She later tells Jared she did so for the sake of the family but makes it clear nothing will ever happen between the two of them.

Starr manages to hide her home pregnancy test from her father but it gets ruined in the process.

Todd tries to make amends with Starr and agrees to let her go back to school if she swears to have nothing to do with Cole. Langston evades when Blair questions her about Starr.

Starr asks Langston to buy her another pregnancy test kit.

Rex uses the excuse of needing to see Charlie in order to stop by Llanfair to check in with Gigi and Shane. Gigi nearly confesses to Rex that he's Shane's father but they're interrupted by a call from Adriana, who is on her way to Paris. Adriana orders Dorian to dig up information on the man Gigi claims is Shane's father.

Bo sees through Lindsay and urges her to get past her rivalry with Nora.

Lindsay gets under Nora's skin.

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