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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Gigi awakens gasping from a nightmare about Rex threatening to take sole custody of Shane once he learns the boy is his son. As the story about Clint hits the front page of the Sun, Viki confides to Charlie how appalled she is by her ex-husband's actions.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Lindsay delivers Calvin's file to Clint but he soon realizes there's not enough dirt to bury his opponent. Sarah encounters Nash wearing nothing but his boxers when an early morning phone call from Jessica brings them both running into the suite's common area.

Bo cautions a dismayed Nora that Todd's article is entirely true.

Charlie volunteers to stand in as Shane's honorary grandpa for Grandparents Day at school. Nursing dual hangovers and unable to get back to sleep, Nash and Sarah decide to order room service instead.

Clint hires Rex to look for ammunition he can use against Calvin.

Cristian admits to Jessica how weird he feels about their significant others sharing space in Napa. Charlie squirms when Viki bemoans how underhanded Clint has become in recent months.

Rex invites Gigi to attend his wedding along with Shane. Meanwhile, Adriana coaxes Layla to go to Michigan with her to investigate Brody Lovett.

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One Life To Live
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