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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Markko presses Langston to explain what she and Starr have been hiding. Jared attempts to give Miles the bum's rush from BE but Natalie orders her "uncle" to back off.

Adriana snipes at Gigi for constantly sniffing around Rex. In Atlantic City, Cole pounds on the door of the clinic's exam room, shouting for Starr. After making love, Blair cajoles Todd to cut their daughter some slack.

Startled to see Talia arrive at Capricorn with John, Sarah questions her roommate about the dubious wisdom of rubbing her new romance in Antonio's face. Adriana conceals from Rex her simmering hatred for his former flame. Rushing into Cole's arms, Starr apologizes for not telling him about her pregnancy.

Jared invites Gigi to accompany him to Capricorn for a night out on the town. Declaring his love, Cole convinces Starr to take some more time before she makes any decisions about her future.

Panicked to see Todd enter the diner, Langston flees into the ladies' restroom. Adriana glares at Gigi while Rex bristles to see his ex with Jared. Starr manages to trade places with Langston in the nick of time.

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One Life To Live
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