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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Outraged by John and Talia's PDA at Capricorn, Cristian marches over to the couple and punches Detective McBain in the mouth. Dorian and Layla arrive in Michigan to inquire about Brody.

Cristian accidentally hits Eddie while brawling with John and winds up under arrest for assaulting a police officer. Adriana's hackles rise when Rex rushes to Gigi's aid after she gets knocked down during the fracas.

Meanwhile, Natalie criticizes Jared for not stepping forward to break up the fight and Antonio snarls at John for stirring up trouble yet again

Nadine tells Layla and Dorian how her mother lied to Gigi about Brody dying overseas, then reveals that her brother is still very much alive. At the precinct house, Jessica offers to post Cristian's bail.

Adriana's attitude towards Gigi continues to grate on Rex. Natalie tells Miles why she's having a hard time understanding John's strange new behavior.

As she tends his wounds, Blair reminds John how much Cole looks up to him and tries to emulate him. Antonio stands idly by as Ramsey slams an enraged Talia for sleeping her way through the entire department.

Miles explains to Natalie why he's making some changes in his life. Ramsey promises Antonio his brother won't face any charges after spending one night in jail. Dorian phones Adriana with an intriguing update on Shane's dad. Until next time on One Life to Live ...

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