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One Life to Live
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Roxy is intrigued to learn that Charlie ran in some of the same circles she did during their days in Atlantic City.

John feels certain Ramsey is still hiding something. Carlotta gives Talia the cold shoulder at the diner.

Jared warns his father that Natalie knows he's not really a Buchanan.

Lindsay and Nora continue to butt heads while stuck together at the lodge. Antonio snipes at Talia for not accepting the commissioner's offer to reassign her to a new partner.

Clint questions Natalie about the palpable tension between her and Jared. Lindsay accuses an exasperated Nora of openly flirting with Bo during their drive up the mountain.

Ramsey, John, Antonio and Talia head to the warehouse district to take down a drug dealer.

Overruling Dorian's objections, Roxy invites Viki to help the parents of the happy couple plan Rex and Adriana's wedding. Bo and Clint receive word that another one of Asa's old rivals has taken aim at BE. Later, Lindsay privately advises Clint not to turn his back on the "special" assistance she can offer.

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One Life To Live
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