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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.7.08

Today on One Life to Live, Starr learns she's pregnant. Langston tells her friend she'll stand by her friend no matter what. Later, at the diner, Cole suspects Langston is keeping a secret about Starr.

Starr has a dream about Cole and breaks down in Blair's arms when she wakes up. She desperately wants to tell her mother about the pregnancy but doesn't.

Natalie overhears Jared telling Cole he knows how it feels to not be able to be with the woman you love. Viki, who misinterprets Charlie's attempts to tell her he's Jared's father as a proposal, tells him it's too soon to get married. Charlie agrees to move back to Llanfair.

Jared tells Charlie that he won't throw Charlie to the wolves if Natalie reveals that Jared isn't a Buchanan.

Nash doesn't tell Jessica that he and Sarah are sharing a two bedroom suite in Napa.

Nash and Sarah are on a high after their successful day at the convention. Cristian calls Sarah's room and is surprised when Nash answers.

Todd figures out that Ramsey is threatening Gigi and thinks they should join forces against him. Blair enjoys her first night as owner of Capricorn.

Rex learns Shane's birthday and point blank asks Gigi if he's Rex's father. Gigi lies that Shane was premature, taking care of Rex's suspicions.

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