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One Life to Live
August 11, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Clint quietly instructs his private investigator to dig up any available dirt on Langston.

Touched by his thoughtfulness, Marty thanks Todd for her new nightgown. Sarah fills Tina in on how Jessica blamed Jared and Natalie for Nash's death ... at first.

Cord pays a surprise visit to his delighted dad and Nora. Tess decides to hire a shady builder to do some secret work at Llanfair. Blair admits to Brody how she confronted Todd about the new woman in his life.

Meanwhile, Todd again plays on Marty's sympathy by inventing lies about his vindictive ex. John grants Antonio a leave of absence so he can return to Mendorra to work on freeing Talia.

Clint assures Cord he'll soon regain control of BE. Starr phones Cole and confesses that she wants him back. Tess warns Leo to toe the line after the sleazy contractor comes on too strong.

Sarah is pleased to think that her mom still carries a torch for Cord. Cole icily reminds Starr that it's too late to go back to the way things used to be.

Blair sheepishly describes for John how she humiliated herself in front of Todd. Cord comes to Llanfair for a reunion with his daughter, then is startled to come face to face with Tina.

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One Life To Live
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