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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As One Life to Live gets underway, Brody leaves another urgent message for Gigi. In 1968, Rex glumly reminds Gigi that he's shipping out for Vietnam in just a few hours.

Intrigued to witness "Jessica's" temper tantrum in the doctor's waiting room, Todd suspects that his niece is harboring a secret.

A miserable Starr tells Cole how much she misses him. Determined to learn the identity of the mystery woman, John attempts to obtain a search warrant for Todd's place.

Professor Fina warns Rex and Gigi that the time portal has closed, trapping them in the past for good. Cole informs Starr he can never forgive her for giving away his child.

Jared promises Clint he'll carry out his assignment. Tess guesses why Todd was talking with Dr. Joplin. Meanwhile, Starr runs into several classmates who quickly realize that she's sporting a baby bump.

Gigi is devastated to think she might never see Shane again. Matthew and Bo are happily reunited. Following another foul-mouthed outburst from "Jessica," Todd feels certain he's actually face to face with Tess.

Brody lies to Layla when she asks if a package arrived from Adriana. Renee explains to Bo how in his absence Lindsay pled guilty to murdering Spencer and was promptly sentenced to prison.

As she hands over the five grand she took from Gigi, Delphina admits to Brody that his friend isn't coming back.

Fearing that Shane could wind up in foster care if his mom never returns, Brody again considers using Rex's DNA to establish himself as the boy's "true" father.

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One Life To Live
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