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One Life to Live
August 25, 2008

Today on One Life to Live:

In 1968, Gigi accompanies a reluctant Rex down to the bus station to begin his long journey towards Vietnam. As an amused Tess looks on, John arrives at Todd's place with a search warrant.

Brody decides to arrange for a paternity test for himself and Shane. Rex promises to find a way to get Gigi back to her son.

Later, Ned Truman plants a kiss on a startled Gigi, who shakily insists she's Emma's identical twin. In Mendorra, Cris, Antonio and Sarah lose their way on the road to the palace.

Tess fakes a problem with her pregnancy to prevent John and his officers from carrying out their search. Brody explains to Shane why proving their family connection is so important.

Dallas welcomes Bo home and expresses her condolences for the loss of his dad. Tess hisses at Todd that he owes her big time. Rex and Gigi share an emotional farewell.

Antonio is concerned to learn that "Queen Talia" hasn't been seen since her wedding day. Nora flinches when Dallas announces that she's again extending her stay in Llanview.

Janet nervously lies to John to cover for Todd
. Brody tries to reassure Shane when the boy wonders why his mom hasn't called.

Tess uncovers Todd's secret. Determined not to let Rex go off to war without knowing the truth, Gigi informs her stunned soldier boy that Shane is his son.

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